It's a microcosm of Torah

Thoughts on the Ten Commandments.

Phil Chernofsky,

Ten Commandments monument
Ten Commandments monument

It is an essential part of our belief that G-d gave the whole Torah - the 10 Commandments, the Written Word, AND the Oral Law to us at Sinai - on what became Shavuot day and the 40 days and nights that followed.

At the end of Mishpatim, the descrip- of Matan Torah includes G-d's saying to Moshe: ...And I will give you the Tablets of Stone AND the Torah and the Mitzva... THE WHOLE THING.

The mitzvot of Meat in Milk serve as a perfect illustration of this idea. Don't cook a g'di in its mother's milk. That's it? Well, the Torah says it three times. And that's it? In writing, yes. But the Oral Torah and halacha and tradition is rich with explanations and details. This lesson applies to all of Torah - and where is it taught? At home!

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