Will the real Trump stand up please

More disappointments.

Walter Bingham,

Danny Danon
Danny Danon
Israel UN Mission

The inevitable has happened. President Trump fell under the spell of the old guard at the White House. The remnants of the swamp. One of his main promises has dissolved into the Obama quagmire. No Embassy move this time.

And: The Paris Climate Accord ditched in favor of jobs and domestic popularity.

Hear: Ambassador John Bolton give the customary Rennet Lecture entitled The Old and the New Jerusalem, after having been honored with the 'Guardian Of Zion' Award.

Listen : To Walter's critic of his solution for the conflict with our immediate neighbours.

Plus: A new wind is blowing through the corridors of the United Nations. Israel's first senior post at the UN for Danny Danon.

Also : All about Puzzle Tov.

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