PA forbids sale of Israeli hummus

PA bans sale of hummus made by Israeli company, files complaints against merchants who sold it.

Dalit Halevi ,

Flash 90

The PA's Economy Department published on May 31 a clarification regarding the ban on selling products made by a large Israeli company.

According to the department, PA merchants have not been allowed to sell hummus made by a large Israeli company for two years.

The ban, the department explained, is still relevant because the product does not meet the "required demands."

The department claimed that their decision to ban Israeli hummus was made after the Israeli company removed 1 kilogram containers from supermarket shelves because they had a "strange smell and taste."

They also said the product is not sold in Arab stores and markets, and that consumer protection agencies have filed a general suit as part of a battle against "economic crimes" carried out by the Arabs who sold the hummus.

Any Arab who sees the product in stores has been requested to report the seller to the PA.