Ours are extraordinary times

That was the week that was.

Walter Bingham,

Former UK Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
Former UK Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
Yoni Kempinski

We are living in the era of Moshiach (the Messiah).

It is 50 years since the unification of the eternal Capital Jerusalem and he 70th year of the re-establishment of our Jewish State of Israel.

We are building for the future of all Israel from the river to the sea.

Hear: about World Mizrachi's celebrations with Rabbi Jonathan Sachs and our Minister of Education and Diaspora Naftali Bennett.

And: Walter's view about Israel's concern about President Trump's self congratulatory deal to supply 110 billion dollars worth of arms to Saudi Arabia. Can Israel trust him with his obsession of doing deals for US jobs and America first despite his fine words and assurances which seem to contradict his intentions to create a Palestinian State?

Also: Some words about the importance of protecting our God given environment.

Plus: Lots more.

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