Converting labor assets into financial assets

Take a 'big picture' holistic approach: When planning your family's finances, start with your biggest asset -<br/> labor (your salary).

Douglas Goldstein,

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Doug Goldstein, CFP, cross-border financial advisor, discusses with Doug McCormick, author of Family, Inc., how to be the CFO of your family.

He believes that we should take a "big picture" holistic approach starting with our biggest asset which is labor (your salary) when planning the family's finances. As time progresses, all aspects of the family's financial picture should be included, but the big focus is on lifetime earning potential.

Doug talks about the origin of trusts and some of the benefits that a trust can create. Learn the roles of the settlor, the trustee, and the beneficiary - and how to choose the right trustee to manage and maintain your trust and your finances.


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