He went into cardiac arrest - abroad

My Husband Must Be Flown to Israel Immediately To Save His Life. Please Help Us!

Kupat Ha'ir, | updated: 17:02

בית חולים רפואה חולה רופא בריאות
בית חולים רפואה חולה רופא בריאות

Mashgiach of kashrut Rabbi Dov Segal shlit"a was in the midst of preparing food for a group in Poland on Tuesday, when he went into cardiac arrest.

For nearly ten minutes, Rabbi Segal lay lifeless on the floor. For another 20 minutes, first responders attempted to rescuscitate him, to no avail. After another pain-staking 25 minutes, and 4 electrical shocks from a defibrillator, the Rabbi's heart miraculously began to beat once more.

Now in a hospital in Poland, Rabbi Segal is unable to have the emergency cardiac surgery needed for his survival, due to his lack of funds. Though European doctors have nearly dismissed him as a lost cause, Israeli doctors are confident that they can give him the treatment necessary to bring him back to life.

Rabbi Segal must be flown to Israel immediately in order to live.

A medical flight from Poland to Israel costs $50,000.

A fundraising campaign has been started on their behalf by tzedaka organization Kupat Ha'Ir, and funds will go directly toward saving the mashgiach's life. The situation is highly, highly time-sensitive, as the Rabbi's condition worsens with each passing minute.

As donations trickle in, 8 Segal children are absorbed in prayer that their father will survive.



Mrs Ita Segal

Please see below a letter from Rabbi Shtern shlit"a: