Gas prices to drop slightly

Gas prices drop by .5%, full-service additions stay stable.

Shlomo Pyutrikovsky,

Gas station
Gas station

Gas prices in Israel will drop slightly on Wednesday night, Israel's Infrastructure, Energy, and Water Ministry said.

The maximum price a consumer will pay for a liter of lead-free 95 octane gasoline will be 5.99 NIS per leader, including VAT. This represents a .03 NIS (0.5%) drop per liter since last month.

Full service will remain unchanged, with customers add another .19 NIS per liter, including VAT.

The price of lead-free 95 octane gasoline at a self-service station in Eilat, where no VAT is charged, will also drop 0.03 NIS per liter, for a final maximum price of 5.12 NIS per liter of gasoline.

The addition for full service in Eilat will remain unchanged, at an additional 0.16 NIS per liter of gasoline.