Is there a right way to diversify investments?

Want to learn about a strategy to diversify your investments? Douglas Goldstein speaks with Felder Report creator on trends in the market.

Douglas Goldstein,


Doug Goldstein, CFP and cross-border financial advisor, discusses diversification strategies for your investment portfolio.

Investors should always have a strategy. If you don’t want to build a diversified portfolio by yourself, work with a money manager to choose the well-diversified investments.

Doug revisits a discussion he had with Nobel Prize winner Dr. Harry Markowitz about the importance of Modern Portfolio Theory to emphasize the importance of diversification.

Jesse Felder, the creator of The Felder Report, joins the show to discuss current market trends. Jesse has had a long history with Wall Street and has some insights on the upcoming market. He expects a change that will change traditional investing. If you are thinking about passive investing, listen to this first.


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