Arab thieves steal equipment from IDF base

Arab thieves infiltrate IDF Tze'elim base, steal expensive night-vision thermal device.

Kobi Finkler ,

Tze'elim base
Tze'elim base
Flash 90

A groups of Arab thieves infiltrated a military area on the Tze'elim base on Tuesday night and stole a night-vision thermal device, a relatively new and expensive development by the IDF.

The thieves managed to escape and it remains unclear whether they stole any additional equipment.

"The latest theft shows once again the brazenness of the squads of thieves who terrorize IDF soldiers who are prevented from acting against them," said Amichai Yogev, the director of the southern district of the Regavim movement, which has been documenting and working in recent years against the phenomenon of Arab thefts in IDF bases.

The new rules of engagement issued at the beginning of this week, according to which it is permissible to open fire at thieves entering firing zones, refer to a fenced military area, meaning IDF camps, training areas and assembly areas.

"No IDF firing range complies with the new guidelines," Yogev added, "so unfortunately until the directive is applied to firing ranges, where most of the robberies take place, we will see no real change and the phenomenon will continue."