Arabs set fire to Samaria yeshiva

Yeshiva in Homesh torched during Arab "day of rage". MK Smotrich: Every place we've left has turned into a place of terror.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Arson at Homesh yeshiva
Arson at Homesh yeshiva
Homesh First

Arabs on Monday set fire to the yeshiva in the Samaria community of Homesh during a “day of rage” held in solidarity with terrorists who are on hunger strike in Israeli prisons.

The fire caused heavy damage to the building but, thankfully, there were no injuries.

Homesh is one of several communities in northern Samaria that were torn down in the 2005 "Disengagement." The Homesh yeshiva, however, has continued to operate for more than a decade and has over 30 students who attend classes there on a daily basis.

Deputy Knesset Speaker MK Bezalel Smotrich (Jewish Home) responded on Tuesday evening to the burning of the yeshiva, saying, "The arson of the yeshiva in Homesh is a reminder for us to continue working for the return of the Jewish people to all the areas that were destroyed in the framework of the expulsion. Every place we have left has turned into a place of terror and holy places have been damaged."

MK Smotrich called on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to legalize the yeshiva so that its students can study Torah without fear.

"Ten years is a sufficient period of time to make a decision and allow the yeshiva students to operate in Homesh properly, while maintaining the safety of the students and preventing such incidents in the future. The day on which we mark the anniversary of the liberation of northern Samaria is a great day for the Prime Minister to make such an important and correct decision,” he said.

The students were unfazed by the arson and classes were held as scheduled at the yeshiva on Tuesday.

"We will increase our studies and activities at the yeshiva, and we will strengthen the hold on the community. We are preparing to build a larger, permanent structure and with God's help we will continue to grow,” they said.

"We expect the IDF to find the Arab perpetrators and bring them to justice. The time has come for the Disengagement Law, which has been proven to be foolish and a moral crime, to pass away from this world. We call on the MKs who are working to cancel the law to continue their efforts.”