New town in Samaria for Amona residents gets new name

Amona residents speak with Defense Ministry, decide to name new town 'Amihai.'

Hezki Baruch,

Amona residents live in a dormitory
Amona residents live in a dormitory
Amona Headquarters

Amona expellees told Defense Ministry representatives that their new town will be named "Amihai."

The expellees have lived in an Ofra dormitory for three months.

Amona leader Avichai Boaron said, "We've been through three difficult months. They're trying to break our spirit, but we will not rest until the new town promised to us by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is built."

"It is unfathomable that there are those who get wrapped up in minor matters, who can talk about naming towns which have not even been built," Boaron said. "It's time someone built the town and let us go back to living normal lives. It's time they stopped neglecting us, in the hope that the world would forget about our existence."

Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi David Lau visited Amona on Saturday night and told Arutz Sheva, "I arrived at the Ofra dormitory, and I saw the insufferably cramped conditions the families live in."

"It shouldn't be like this. The Israeli government has a responsibility and I hope it will live up to it. Parents and children are sharing rooms intended for teenagers. There's no privacy. I hope the government does the right thing, so these families can go back to proper family and communal life."