Sports Minister fat-shames coalition chairman

Shouting match Sunday between coalition chairman, Likud minister. 'If you're going to run after me, at least go on a diet first.'

Hezki Baruch,

David Bitan
David Bitan

A shouting match erupted in a meeting of senior Likud members Sunday, when coalition chairman David Bitan reprimanded Minister of Culture and Sport Miri Regev for her absenteeism during Knesset votes.

“Enough already,” shouted Bitan during the meeting, “enough having to chase after you for votes. Just resign.”

An agitated Regev shot back at Bitan, poking fun at the coalition chairman’s weight.

“If you’re going to run after me, at least go on a diet.”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was forced to intervene after the confrontation had escalated into a full-blown shouting match. “Cool it already!”

Last Friday, Bitan predicted that before the current Knesset was dissolved, he would be appointed a cabinet minister.

“I estimate that by the end of this term I will be a minister. I’d like to be Interior Minister,” continued Bitan, according to a report by Channel 2.

The Interior Ministry portfolio is currently held by the Shas party.