New rules of engagement - against thieves

IDF changes open-fire rules in cases of theft of military equipment, allows soldiers to open fire on thieves for the first time.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Stolen IDF rifle
Stolen IDF rifle
Israel Police

The IDF announced that it is changing its rules of engagement against thieves in light of the recent increase in weapons thefts from IDF bases, particularly in the south.

The regulations on opening fire on thieves will be eased in areas which are defined as closed military zones.

Previously, regulations did not permit soldiers to open fire unless there was an immediate danger to one's life in cases of theft. Even warning shots were prohibited.

However, the stolen weapons can be used to carry out criminal or terrorist attacks. The thieves would use the prohibition on opening fire to their advantage during thefts,

Under the new regulations, soldiers will now be allowed to open fire in order to apprehend suspects in the act of stealing IDF weapons and munitions.