IDF establishes platoon for female religious soldiers

Separate platoon established for religious female soldiers. More males seek to join mixed units with lower standards.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Mixed combat unit
Mixed combat unit
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For the first time, the IDF has established a platoon entirely for female religious soldiers. The platoon was established in response to a request to protect religious women who serve in the IDF.

The IDF has four combat battalions in which male and females soldiers serve together.

According o a report by the Yediot Aharonot Hebrew newspaper, a number of female soldiers have petitioned for a separate platoon.

Brigadier General Mordechai Kahane decided to accept the request.

"The truth is that we never intended to establish such a platoon," a senior officer stated.

The senior officer said that their is an increased demand from male soldiers to serve in the mixed battalions, He said that the reason for this is that these soldiers want to serve in combat roles,but they do not want to have to put in as much effort as they would if they served in the all-male Golani or Paratroopers brigades.

Brig. Gen. Kahane discovered during a tour of one of the bases of the mixed battalions that the barracks of the male and female soldiers were placed together, which violates the Joint Service Order. He ordered a complete separation between men and women. In addition, the IDF decided to invest tens of millions of shekels in order to create separate infrastructures and comply with the Joint Service Order and the instructions of the IDF Chief of Staff.

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