How can the Millennial generation start investing?

Smart money habits that make both investing money and decreasing debt possible.

Douglas Goldstein,

Stock Market
Stock Market

Doug Goldstein CFP and Jessica Moorhouse, the host of the Mo’' Money Podcast discuss how Millennials can start investing. They suggest smart money habits that make investing money and decreasing debt both possible. It’'s all about goal setting.

Starting soon, Doug will be an adjunct professor at Webster University. His course will be for a MBA financial class. The course will be built around the principles laid out in his book Rich as a King: How the Wisdom of Chess Can Make You a Grandmaster of Investing. The book was co-authored with Susan Polgar, a Grandmaster of chess, so the parallels between chess and investing are well balanced.

Doug outlines his course plans and urges listeners to think of investing like a chess game.


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