Intruder caught trying to enter White House

The White House placed on lockdown after intruder tries to jump over a bike rack used as a barrier.

Ben Ariel,

White House
White House

The White House was placed on lockdown on Tuesday afternoon (local time) after a person attempted to jump over a bike rack used as a barrier along the north fence of the mansion, Reuters reported, citing the Secret Service's official Twitter account.

The suspect was in custody.

“Secret Service responding to an individual who jumped the bike rack along the North Fence Line of Penn Ave. Suspect in custody,” the tweet read.

The area where the intruder was caught is where President Donald Trump lives and works.

Security had been tight around the White House for Turkish President Rec ep Tayyip Erdogan's visit earlier in the day, as protesters gathered in front of the White House.

Erdogan left before the lockdown, noted Reuters.

In March, a California man was arrested 17 minutes after he jumped the White House fence near the South Portico entrance.

In 2014, two men managed to breach into the White House in two separate incidents within a 24-hour period, causing the building to be evacuated.

The White House was on lockdown during Thanksgiving of 2015, after a person jumped the newly upgraded fence.

The jumper managed to get over the fence but was immediately caught.