Arab man held captive for desire to convert to Judaism, join IDF

Israeli-Arab teen locked away by family after saying he wishes to become Jewish, join Israeli army.

David Rosenberg,


An Israeli-Arab teenager seeking to convert to Judaism and enlist in the IDF was freed recently from captivity, after police received a tip that the youth had been locked up by his family.

According to NRG, police found a 19-year old Israeli-Arab man being held against his will in his family’s home in the Arab-Israeli city of Tayibe last week.

Authorities say the man was locked away in a room in the house for three weeks.

A Tayibe resident tipped off police last week, leading to the man’s rescue.

Police arrested the man’s 21-year old brother in connection with the case, reporting that he allegedly locked his brother up after hearing of his desire to become Jewish and enlist in the IDF.