Trial of 'Israeli agent' in Gaza begins

Hamas claims man accused of killing senior terrorist commander worked for the Shin Bet.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Funeral of terrorist leader Mazen Fukha
Funeral of terrorist leader Mazen Fukha

The military court in Gaza began hearing the case against Ashraf Abu Laila, the man accused of carrying out the assassination of Hamas military commander Mazen Fukha on March 24.

Hamas claims that Fukha was assassinated by agents working for the Shin Bet.

According to the Safa news agency, two other Arabs accused of carrying out operations for the Shin Bet were also being tried for the murder. If they are convicted they will face the death penalty.

Following the assassination, the Hamas terrorist organization issued a warning that its response to further assassinations would be to target senior members of the Israeli defense establishment, including the chief of staff and the defense minister.