Reserve soldier killed in car accident

Combat reserve soldier suffers fatal concussion, collapses and dies following car accident on route 35.

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Scene of the accident on Route 35
Scene of the accident on Route 35
MDA spokesperson

A combat engineer in the IDF reserves from central Israel was killed Sunday night in a car accident near Lachish, south of Beit Shemesh.

The reservist’s body was found in a field some 50 yards from the road.

Based on the initial investigation, authorities say the soldier’s car was involved in an accident with another vehicle, and that while he was able to exit his vehicle and leave the scene on his own, the soldier collapsed and died shortly thereafter.

The driver of the second vehicle involved in the accident said he say the soldier leave his car and walk towards the field. He then lost sight of the soldier.

Several hours later, the soldier’s body was found.

The reserve soldier likely suffered a severe concussion during the accident, and collapsed while walking away from the scene of the accident. His body has been transferred to the Abu Kabir Forensics Institute.

MDA paramedics say the soldier was in his mid-20s.