Report: Jewish GOP donor furious over embassy move delay

Billionaire and Republican donor Sheldon Adelson reportedly furious over comments by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on embassy move.

David Rosenberg ,

Sheldon Adelson
Sheldon Adelson

American Jewish casino mogul and Republican donor Sheldon Adelson is reportedly furious over the Trump administration’s delays in fulfilling the president’s campaign pledge to relocate the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Adelson, a prominent GOP donor who backed President Trump’s 2016 campaign to the tune of $25 million, was angered by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s comments on the embassy move, sources told Axios.

In an interview with Meet the Press Sunday, Tillerson said the president was taking “input” from other powers in the region, and would weigh the likely effects of an embassy move on his plans to broker a final status agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

"The president, I think rightly, has taken a very deliberative approach to understanding the issue itself, listening to input from all interested parties in the region, and the context of a peace initiative, what impact would such a move have."

"As you know, the president has recently expressed his view that he wants to put a lot of effort into seeing if we cannot advance a peace initiative between Israel and Palestine."

During the 2016 campaign, Trump repeatedly stated he would move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, implementing the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act.

Sources claim Adelson rejected Tillerson’s claims that the embassy move was dependent on its likely impact on future negotiations, saying Israel had no partner for peace in the Palestinian Authority, regardless of the embassy’s location.

A staunch supporter of Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Likud party, Adelson also owns the free daily newspaper, Yisrael Hayom.