The earlier you save, the better

Prepare your child to be an early investor.

Douglas Goldstein,

Flash 90

Michael Zisa, author of The Early Investor, explains that the earlier you start to save, the better.

Michael is a high school teacher, whose finance class makes a positive impact on his students and their parents. He shares what the basic approach is in his teaching and some of the advice he offers beginner investors.

Why joint brokerage accounts may be good for spouses, but not for siblings?

Doug Goldstein, CFP, director of Profile Investment Services, Ltd., answers the question of when you should divide a joint brokerage account. And how do you do it? Sometimes a brokerage account is setup for two or more people, especially when it was set up by a parent.

Doug gives some examples of when splitting up a brokerage account is a good idea, and identifies when a joint account is desirable.

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