How will her 8 children survive without her?

A struggling family looks to make ends meet and help marry off their son when tragedy strikes - leaving 9 children with no mother.

Kupat Ha'Ir, | updated: 07:31

Porus family
Porus family
Kupat Ha'Ir

Over the course of the past year, mother of 9 Yehudis Porus fought a painful battle with cancer. Rabbi Porus began to stay home full-time, to help his wife, and to raise the children. In that time their son, Yaakov, became engaged.

Having slipped into dire levels of poverty, the family made the decision to open a Chesed Fund campaign to help the chattan provide his kallah with the basics. However the day that the campaign page was set to go live, their situation made a turn for the worse.

Mrs. Porus zt"l passed away in Jerusalem on Friday, leaving a widower and 9 children.

The family's financial needs now include not only the chattan's wedding, but the shiva, and financial support for eight orphans and their devastated father.

The family are sitting shiva. The campaign page includes a heartbreaking video, including emotional footage of Mrs Porus's last day on earth, and her levaya.

Rabbi Meir Sorota has issued a public statement on behalf of the Porush family, and that those who donate should be blessed with success.

There is no telling what will become of the family, if they do not receive the help that they need.