Identity of teenage Israeli girl's alleged killer revealed

Tragic accident or cold-blooded murder? Samarian man accused in alleged murder of girl, who police say was forced from moving car.

Shlomo Pyotrovsky,

Scene of alleged murder
Scene of alleged murder
MDA spokesperson

The identity of the alleged murderer of a 19-year old Israeli woman from Petah Tikva was cleared for publication Sunday, nearly a week after the young woman’s death.

Thirty-year old Haim Tenami, a resident of the town of Tzofim in western Samaria, is suspected of throwing his girlfriend, Vered Kramskevi, out of his car while driving on Route 5505, then leaving her to die on the side of the road.

On Sunday, Supreme Court Justice Neal Hendel rejected an appeal by Tenami against a lower court’s decision to extend Tenami’s arrest.

In his ruling, Hendel wrote that there was a “reasonable basis for suspicions” against Tenami, who has proclaimed his innocence.

The incident in question occurred last Monday afternoon when Kramskevi fell out of – or was thrown from – Tenami’s car as it traveled from Tzofim to the Eyal checkpoint near Kfar Saba.

Tenami claims that he and Kramskevi had a heated argument in the car. At one point, Tenami told investigators, Kramskevi opened the door and jumped out of the car while it was still moving.

But authorities say Tenami made conflicting statements during questioning and that his behavior immediately after the supposed accident raised suspicions, noting that Tenami did not stop after Kramskevi left the moving vehicle, nor did he notify emergency services of the injuries she suffered in the fall. Passersby who spotted Kramskevi lying on the side of the road later reported the incident, but emergency medical responders were unable to revive Kramskevi and declared her dead at the scene.

Later, Tenami returned to the scene of the incident, where he was taken in for questioning by police.

Police suspect that rather than jump from the moving vehicle, Kramskevi was thrown by an enraged Tenami.

Justice Hendel ruled Sunday that there was significant evidence against Tenami warranting the extended arrest, and also dropped the court order barring publication of his name.

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