'The Bible belongs to everyone'

Education Minister visits winner of Bible contest, says Tanach belongs to all Jews, not just the religious.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Bennett with Tanach Quiz winner
Bennett with Tanach Quiz winner
Miri Shimonowitz

Education Minister Naftali Bennett visited Ma'alot-Tarshiha as the guest of the city's mayor, Shlomo Bohbot.

Bennett visited the city's educational institutions, met with the city's students and educational staff, and ended the visit with a working meeting at the municipal headquarters.

Bennett began his tour at the city's Zvia Ulpan. While speaking with the students, he told them that they had to continue to initiate and to invest, and stressed the value of initiative for their future.

He then proceeded to the inauguration ceremony for the new yeshiva high school in the city and then to the ORT high school in the city to speak with the new Tanach Quiz winner, Sagiv Lugasi, 15.

Bennett also met with Sagiv's teacher, Boaz Hadad, and with the school's principle. He thanked Hadad for educating Sagiv so well and said that he was a model for all Tanach teachers in Israel.

"I am proud of you," Bennett told Sagiv. "The Tanach belongs to everyone, not just religious [Jews]. It is very exciting to see your vast knowledge and your love for the Tanach."

Bennett concluded his tour by saying: "When you see the education in this wonderful school, and in Maalot, you understand how the Global Tanach Quiz winner came from here. And I can imagine how the [future] Israel Prize and Nobel Prize winners are also growing up here with this quality education."

"The Tanach belongs to everyone. The Tanach is a whole world. It is the most translated book. And it has been called a part of history. In a place where teachers live out the Tanach, reviving the Tanach and turning it from an ancient text into a living story, fascinating and relevant, the story lives on and the students inherit the love of the Tanach."