Watch: the destruction caused by the 'Mother of all Bombs'

Videos show damage caused when MOAB bomb, nicknamed "Mother of all Bombs," dropped on ISIS insurgents in Afghanistan.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Afghan special forces in uncovered tunnel
Afghan special forces in uncovered tunnel

Videos from Afghanistan show the destruction caused by the MOAB (Mother of all Bombs) which the United States dropped on April 13. The bomb was launched at a mountainous location in the Achin area of ​​the Nangarhar district and was intended to hit a network of tunnels, caves, mines and explosive devices used by the ISIS fighters.

Since this was not a densely populated area, the destruction is not as obvious as the bombing of densely populated cities would be. The photographs, some of which were taken by local police, show broken houses, exposed tunnel openings and remains of weapons.

[The destruction] was wide, but how deep the MOAB went was not clear as it dived into the earth and blew out the tunnels which you can't see," Karim Amini, a journalist who toured the site, told Fox News.

"There were tunnels that were entirely destroyed, decimated guns of ISIS, about 20 dead bodies and trees ripped from the earth," Amini recalled after touring the scene. "Scores of houses were also destroyed, and even parts of the mountain were, too."