Netanyahu to Abbas:
How can you talk about peace while funding terror?

Memorial held at Har Herzl cemetery for the 3,117 victims of terror attacks. PM Netanyahu and President Rivlin in attendance.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Ceremony for terror victims at Har Herzl
Ceremony for terror victims at Har Herzl
Noam Moskowitz

An official ceremony took place this afternoon at the Har Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem for the 3,117 civilians that have been murdered in terror attacks.

That number includes 122 foreign civilians who were murdered in attacks in Israel, as well as 100 Israeli civilians murdered outside of Israel. Since last Independence Day 11 civilians have been murdered, the last of which was Hannah Bladon, a foreign student from England who was stabbed to death in Jerusalem last Passover.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called at the ceremony on PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to stop funding terrorists and their families and thereby encourage terror.

“How can you talk about peace with Israel while at the same time funding murderers who spill the blood of innocent Israelis? Do you want to take real steps towards peace? Then cancel payments to terrorists. Fund peace and not murder,” Netanyahu said.

He added that “When you go out on Independence Day and all days of the year, look around you, because among the musicians in the orchestras and the cashiers at the supermarkets and the attendants at the gas stations and the lecturers at the universities and the judges in the courts - are our brothers and sisters, members of bereaved families.”

“The terrorists intentionally attack innocents first - Jews and non-Jews, in Israel and abroad, in order to sow death, destruction and fear. They imbibe incitement to violence against our nation from their mothers’ milk. They are considered heroes in their society. What hero can be a youth who takes a knife, bursts into the room of a sleeping girl and stabs her in her sleep?”

Netanyahu said that he had visited the home of Hallel Ariel Hy”d (May G-d avenge her blood) who was murdered at her home in Kiryat Arba by a terrorist while sleeping in her bed. “I saw the room, I saw the blood - simply animalism for its own sake.”

“Is there heroism in the act of the murderer who cruelly took the life of Levana Malichi, a Knesset employee, a devoted mother? Terror does not discriminate between Israelis - it doesn’t even discriminate between Israelis and non-Israelis,” the Prime Minister said.


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