Please help save my husband's life

Young father with rare disease needs expensive surgery to save his life.


Kupat Ha'Ir

This week an Israeli woman named Hindy [last name withheld] created a video on behalf of her family [below]. Her husband, 27, reportedly suffers from a rare throat disease, which has rendered him unable to function or eat for several months. With three small children at home, the family nearly began to accept the lethal diagnosis.

However a slot recently opened up which may allow the man in question to undergo the only surgery in the world which could possibly save his life. Though the family lives modestly in Israel, the surgery would need to be performed in Switzerland, and would cost a sum total of $60,000 to perform.

With no insurance or family to turn to for support, the young woman has been forced to go public with her story. At this point in time, $60,000 dollars is the price for her husband's life. Donations have begun to trickle on, as the family watches with bated breath.

See Hindy's video below:


I'm a mother of three young children. My husband is 27 years old, and a few years ago we learned that he has a rare and dangerous disease. He has a problem with his throat that keeps him from being able to eat anything. He gets his 'food' entirely through a tube. He is very, very sick. He has been in the hospital for a long time, and we have known for a while that he may die.

Baruch Hashem, we found out recently that there is surgery that could save his life. It is in Switzerland, and they have an available slot for my husband in one month. However the surgery and the treatments surrounding it cost $60,000. We can't even dream of coming up with that kind of money ourselves. But how can we give up the surgery? How can we give up my husband's chance to live?

So instead of cancelling the date for the operation, we are davening and begging for the help of klal yisroel. This is absolutely our only option. The only thing standing between my husband being home with his three children, and us chas v'shalom losing him forever, is $60,000.

Please help us. Our entire world hinges on this, and the clock is ticking. Thank you."