Thorns in thine eyes:
Freed accessory to murder gets hero's welcome on state money

Released terrorist festively received by Arabe Municipality in Galilee. National Union Director-General demands investigation.

Mordechai Sones ,

Municipal celebrations
Municipal celebrations
National Union

On Tuesday National Union party Secretary-General Ophir Sofer sent an urgent appeal to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit demanding that an investigation be opened against the mayor of Arabe for assisting terror, and requested clarification and explanation for the use of state money to celebrate a freed terrorist.

In addition, Sofer demanded that the Israel Police enter the Arab city and remove the flags and signs that encourage terrorism.

The terrorist, Lina Jarbouni, helped the Islamic Jihad's military wing carry out murderous attacks against Jews. In recent days she was released from prison and Knesset members from the Joint List held a party in her honor, funded by the Municipality of Arabe in the Galilee.

PLO flags and banners of support were distributed in the city, and words of encouragement were offered to still-imprisoned terrorists.

The Secretary-General of the National Union party wondered, "Why does the country not rise up and expel people who celebrate the release of a terrorist who specifically marked Jews as a target? How can it be that Israeli Knesset members participate with such joy, and MK Haj Yihye even said that the offense the woman committed 'is not worth 15 years'?

"The National Union Party will work to ensure that all those involved in supporting terrorism will be punished, and if necessary the party will toughen punishment for supporting terrorism in Knesset legislation," added Sofer.

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