Suspected murder in northern Israel

Man in his mid-50s found dead, with signs of violence on his body in western Galilee.

Orly Harari,

Scene of suspected murder
Scene of suspected murder
MDA spokesperson

A man in his 50s was found dead in his apartment Tuesday morning in an apparent case of murder.

MDA emergency response teams were called to the man’s apartment, where they pronounced him dead at the scene.

Authorities say signs of violence were found on the man’s body.

Police have opened an investigation into the man’s death.

MDA first responder Alon Kotzi described the scene: “When we arrived, we went into the apartment and saw a man roughly 50-years old lying down, unconscious, with no heartbeat, [and who] was not breathing, with signs of violence on his body.”

“We performed a number of medical checks but he had no vital signs, and after a short period a MDA paramedic pronounced him dead.”

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