Free course at the Technion - for Arabs only

Course giving tools for successful integration into the workforce open to Arab students only. 'How come only Arabs get a free course?'

Ido ben Porat,


Students studying at the prestigious Technion University in Haifa were surprised to discover a course intended for Arab students only - and the course is absolutely free.

The course is meant to give students tools to successfully integrate into the workforce in positions relevant to their fields of study.

A flyer distributed to students with the headline “Career course for minorities” said that the course is to include study of “the work world and the new rules of the game”; how to stop looking for work and start creating opportunities; golden rules for success at evaluation centers; and tips for Arab students about how to succeed at job interviews.

T, a Jewish student studying at the Technion, slammed the fact that only Arabs are given the opportunity to take such an important course, and for free. He said that there is a feeling that preferential treatment is given to Arab students at the Technion which goes far beyond any logical need.

“What about other populations that don’t know the world of employment so well, like haredim for example? How come only Arabs get a free course? T wondered as he spoke with Arutz Sheva.

The Technion said that the course “is funded by the Council for Higher Education, and has been held now for several years at the Technion will the goal helping minorities find work in their fields of specialization after they finish their studies.”

The Council for Higher Education said, “In light of the many gaps within the Arab sector and its low representation in academia, The Planning and Budgeting Committee [of the Council for Higher Education] has set up a program to close gaps and make higher education more accessible to the Arab sector. The program is holistic and comes to help Arab youth all along the way, from the high school level until integration into the workforce, while giving emphasis to difficulties and various needs characterizing the Arab sector.”

“This program is part of the policy advanced by the government of Israel which sees great importance in the integration of the Arab sector into academia and the general workforce,” the Council added.

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