Likud MK to negotiate Shabbat deal

Netanyahu appoints Likud minister to negotiate with haredi parties, find way to prevent stores opening on Shabbat from becoming a trend.

Ben Shaul ,

MK Yariv Levin
MK Yariv Levin
Flash 90

During a government meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told Tourism Minister Yariv Levin to form a plan together with the haredi parties to deal with what has been dubbed the "Shabbat crisis."

The "Shabbat crisis" was caused by Tel Aviv's municipality which began allowing stores to remain open on Shabbat (Saturday) against the law and then went to the Supreme Court to obtain judicial backing for the move.

The new plan will anchor the status quo and prevent the permits given in Tel Aviv from causing other cities to attempt to use the Tel Aviv ruling to remain open on Shabbat.

In an earlier meeting, the haredi party heads expressed their disappointment at the Supreme Court's ruling which allowed the Tel Aviv markets to completely ignore the legal status quo in Israel.

On Wednesday, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit will meet with Interior Minister Aryeh Deri (Shas) to discuss the issue and what caused the Supreme Court to rule the way it did.

"This will continue from city to city. They allowed some and they will allow others. And why? Because of us. Because we did not immediately work to stop it. We did not say, 'NO! We don't allow this!' without fearing anyone," haredi Rabbi Mazuz said on Saturday night. "Shabbat is above everything, and we must explain this to everyone."

"A person must observe the Torah without fear... In the past, the Religious National party brought down the government because of Shabbat desecration. What has happened to the haredi parties of today?"