Youth tries to commit suicide during Shin Bet interrogation

Indictment filed against 6 Jewish youth from Beer Sheva suspected of attacking Arabs. Honenu: one of them tried killing himself.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Interrogation (illustrative)
Interrogation (illustrative)

It has been cleared for publication that Shin Bet officers in conjunction with Israeli Police arrested recently 6 residents of Beer Sheva, including 2 soldiers in regular service and a minor, who have been accused of attacking Arabs.

Indictments were submitted by the southern district attorney to the Beer Sheva Magistrate’s Court against the group, among other things for “terror acts.”

According to the Honenu legal organization, the arrested youths had described long and difficult investigations in Shin Bet facilities spanning the course of days. According to the attorneys, at least one of the youths tried during investigations to commit suicide apparently as a result of the harsh interrogations.

The Shin Bet said that, while being interrogated, the suspects revealed many details about their activity, as a result of which weapons used for the attacks, including a large number of switch blades and iron bars, were confiscated. The investigation indicated that the attack was carried out for nationalistic reasons, with the goal of “preventing Jewish assimilation with Arabs in Beer Sheva,” according to the Shin Bet.

It was also asserted after the investigation that the suspects used various methods for identifying Arabs, and that some of the suspects had watched a video from the Lehava organization about “rescuing a Jewish woman who married an Arab.” One of the suspects identified himself as a supporter of Lehava and had considered joining the group, but in the end did not.

Some of the accused are being represented by Honenu attorneys Sima Kohav and Avihai Hajbi.

Kohav said that “it’s unfortunate that in the State of Israel in 2017, youth enter interrogations healthy and, several days later with the Shin Bet, they need medical help following suicide attempts. We’re talking about an investigation which trampled human rights, made illegal use of force and undemocratic orders such as not allowing meetings with an attorney. It appears that when we’re talking about Jews suspected of fighting with Arabs, rights are forgotten, legal proceedings are trampled, and we discover new rules in the laws of arrests. Someone chose an end, and all means are 'justified' by the desired end. I am, first of all, worried as a citizen, and second as a jurist. We will study the materials of the investigation and respond to suspicions.”

Attorney Hajbi said that “it appears that basic human rights have been blocked with iron doors at the porch of the Shin Bet. The investigation was carried out with disregard for basic rights entitled to [my client], while I was prevented from meeting or speaking with him. In coming days we will be exposed to the materials of the investigation and we will respond to suspicions via the appropriate channels.”