Gender confusion:
Suit filed for refusal to serve heterophobes

Gender Disorientation Organization requests quote from printing press; business owner refuses to print.

Mordechai Sones,

Scales of Justice
Scales of Justice
Flash 90

The "Colors of the Rainbow" printing house was sued for refusing to print advertising material sent by a Gender Disorientation Organization (GDO).

Yossi Cohen, owner of the printing house, explained to Army Radio: "These materials are defined as obscene in the context of holiness. We do not print materials that contradict our values."

"I also don't print for non-kosher restaurants. We are three observant religious people, we can not be forced to expose our eyes and our thoughts to this," he said. "If someone is offended, I ask his forgiveness, but we did not harm anyone."

Osnat Glickstein, who is suing the printing house, said that "in a democratic country there are laws that prevent discrimination, even on the basis of sexual orientation. If you want to maintain a democratic state, you have to obey the rules. If a foreign business refused to print for a Jew, would we not be appalled?"