Nazi propaganda appears on screensavers in Petah Tikva school

Anti-Semitism in Petah Tikva? Pictures containing Nazi symbols appear on screensavers in computer labs of Petah Tikva school.

Reut Hadar,

Screensaver from Petah Tikva school
Screensaver from Petah Tikva school
Police spokesman

Pictures and captions containing Nazi symbols appeared on screensavers in computer labs in a Petah Tikva school. Police opened an investigation during which they conducted searches in the school.

One of the screensavers included a picture of Hitler with the caption: "Now allow me to show you the showers."

Police reported that last week during the Passover festival, swastikas were found plastered on two locations in Petah Tikva. Police believe there may be some connection between the two incidents.

The municipal website stated that the Nazi symbol was spray-painted on Ein Ganim Street and in the nearby Mahane Yehuda Market. One of the offending symbols was found on a map of the city, while the other was found near a nearby synagogue.