Israeli innovation prevents advertising on terror sites

Is your business indirectly funding terror? New Israeli application helps advertisers block their ads appearing on terror or indecent sites.

Yoel Domb ,

נטספארק אינטרנט
נטספארק אינטרנט
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Advertisers on large advertising networks online are unaware that they are funding terror sites which submit clips in return for a portion of profits.

Since it is impossible to filter sites in real time, internet sites manage to evade filters and publish material which enables them to receive a portion of the advertising profits.

A new Israeli application by the Taykey company, enables advertisers to prevent their ads from appearing on terror sites and improper sites. In this way advertisers can be certain that they are not funding and promoting indecent content.

The Taykey app automatically scans news and social media sites to collate the information obtained from them. Analysis of the data obtained can help identify which sites achieved popularity in various types of audiences. It is assumed that sites popular with 'safe' audiences will not include support of terror or indecent materials.

Amit Avner, director of Taykey, says that "terror sites have access to an advertising market of 160 billion dollars annually online and they receive automatic approval and cannot be detected by the large companies. In this way, purveyors of indecent materials made hundreds of millions of dollars last year, including on sites administrated by terrorists on the US blacklist. Our solution will channel the advertisements to safe sites with quality materials and thus reduce income of terror sites which will reduce their activities and the number of people exposed to them."

Taykey is not an advertising company itself but provides audience data to advertisers who wish to create a safe advertising environment on Appnexus, TheTradeDesk interfaces and large internet exchanges. Taykey raised 32 million dollars from leading VC funds including Sequoia, Marker and Eric Schmidt.