'Elhai had a great soul'

Siblings of terror victim Elhai Taharlev tell of radiant soul, say they'll strive for spiritual growth from tragedy.

Eliran Aharon,

Eitam and Renana Taharlev
Eitam and Renana Taharlev
Eliran Aharon

Siblings of murdered IDF soldier Elhai Taharlev, Eitam and Renana, spoke to Arutz Sheva about their beloved brother.

Elhai had a great, shining soul," Eitam said. "Our family is strong, and our parents are amazing. We're going to try to grow spiritually from all of this."

"We thank the army and all of Israel for their warm embrace. It gives us much strength."

Elhai's sister Renana said, "He had a lot of joy and simplicity. He was waiting to get on a bus, and he asked to guard the civilians."

"Recently, when he got on the bus, or when he was waiting for a ride, he told his friends, 'If there is a security issue, we will deal with it as we must.' And Thursday, while he was waiting with a cup of coffee for his friend to bring him a croissant, he turned his back, not knowing he turned his back to the terrorist, he turned his back to death. In those few moments - specifically in those few moments - he was taken from us."

Elhai was murdered on Thursday morning in a car-ramming attack at the Ofra junction in the Binyamin region.

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A memorial for Elhai Taharlev/ Credit: Eliran Aharon