Gidon Sa'ar: I have the highest chance of becoming PM

Former Likud minister returning to politics says paradigm of Palestinian state based on pre-1967 borders won't work, isn't practical.

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Gidon Sa'ar
Gidon Sa'ar
Meir Vaknin, Flash 90

Former minister Gidon Sa'ar in an interview with the The Jerusalem Post said he has a higher of becoming the next Prime Minister than MK Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid).

"I have a higher chance of being elected and forming a government than Yair Lapid has," Sa'ar said. "I have much more widespread public support than he does, and I have the highest chance of becoming the next Prime Minister."

"I have continuously said I will return to politics and rejoin the Likud. It will happen no later than 2019. I cannot return a minute earlier. First, I have to work to meet the Likud voters all over Israel. I need to speak to them to discuss the new ideas and reforms I thought about during my absence."

Regarding the Israeli-Arab conflict, Sa'ar said, "The negotiations between the two sides failed, even after Israel made extremely generous offers. The paradigm of a Palestinian state based on the pre-1967 lines and with a divided Jerusalem cannot work. It's not practical. It will not provide the Palestinians with a sustainable state, and it will not provide Israel with security."

On April 3, Sa'ar announced his intention to return to politics after a two-and-a-half year break.