WATCH: Serial cell phone thief at work

Thief takes cell phones, cash, from women shopping while distracted.

Orly Harari ,

The serial thief
The serial thief
Israel Police spokesman

An indictment against a 49-year-old man from Rehovot has been filed, after security footage revealed him to be a serial cell phone thief, stealing phones from the bags and carts of women who visited shopping centers.

During the past few months, Israel Police have received several complaints from women who claimed their phones and wallets were stolen from them while they were out shopping in supermarkets and malls.

Upon investigations, police discovered the suspect, who frequently ambushed women and waited for a moment when they were distracted in order to snatch their phones.

In one of the incidents, the thief took advantage of the woman's distraction, and stole her phone out of her bag, after digging in it for several seconds. Five days later, the same suspect stole another woman's phone out of her bag.

Just one day later, the suspect appeared in a diferent supermarket and noticed a woman shopping with her baby. He waited until the woman became distracted, then reached into her stroller and took 13,500 NIS, money orders, and her phone.

In a slightly different incident, the suspect ambushed a woman buying shoes, and took 250 NIS out of her bag, as well as her cellular phone. Later that evening, he stole a cell phone out of another woman's baby stroller.

Israel Police opened an investigation and began working to find the suspect. On Wednesday, they arrested him and took him for questioning.

The suspect's arrest as been extended several times, and an indictment has been filed against him.