'Sweden's anti-Semitism has crossed all red lines'

World Zionist Organization leader says Sweden's government must stand up and ensure safety of all citizens.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Violence in Sweden
Violence in Sweden

After a Jewish center in Sweden closed in response to anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi threats, World Zionist Organization Vice President and Department for Countering Anti-Semitism Head Yaakov Haguel said "all red lines" had been crossed and the Muslim community was "chasing after Jews."

"This is just a continuation of the previous plots," Haguel said. "Sweden's anti-Semisim has crossed all red lines. The recent events are only the latest in a long line of incitement and blood libels. People are sowing an unjust fear of Jews, and the government is closing its eyes to everything which relates to Jews and israel.

"Jews are running from here, because they're scared of he rising anti-Semitism. There are anti-Israel campaigns which focus on libels claiming Jews steal and sell Palestinian limbs. There have been incidents in which local Muslims literally chase after Jews. And the government supports an anti-Israel stance, unequivocally supporting the Palestinians and Islamic countries.

"All of these should make us do some soul-searching with regards to our relationship with this counry.

"I call on the Swedish government to take responsibility and ensure the safety of its citizens," Haguel concluded.

On Monday, a Jewish community center in northern Sweden closed after Jewish parents said the recent anti-Semitic incidents and threats caused them to worry about the safety of sending their children to the center's schools.