'You are the leaders of the next generation'

Education Minister attends event celebrating 50 years of a united Jerusalem, tells participants to always try to help their country.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Naftali Bennett stands while Bnei Akiva plays anthem
Naftali Bennett stands while Bnei Akiva plays anthem

Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett participated on Tuesday evening in a Bnei Akiva event marking fifty years since Jerusalem was united.

The event was held at the Latrun memorial site, as part of the movement's pre-Pesach (Passover) trip. Tens of thousands of Israeli youth participated in both the event and the trio.

At the beginning of the event, Bennett joined the group in singing he national anthem, and later he spoke to the participants and told them the story of Nahum Horowitz, a Holocaust survivor who came to Israel when he was a by and later joined the Palmach Brigade, fought in Latrun and several other places, and fell on the battlefield.

"Students, you are the leaders of the next generation," Bennett told them. "Think about Nahum Horowitz. Every single one of you has a great strength or talent which you can use for the good of the Land of Israel, the People of Israel, and the Torah of Israel.

"Always look both left and right, and ask yourselves, 'How can I do my part for my country?'"

Also participating in the event were Rabbi Haim Drukman and Bnei Akiva General Secretary Yair Shachal.