Military coup in Israel

Usually, one should speak softly, but when there is danger to life, one must speak unyieldingly.  We are surrounded by 350 million Arabs.

Moshe Hasdai & Mordechai Sones,

Moshe Hasdai
Moshe Hasdai
Moshe Hasdai

The leftist underground leads a military coup, that is, a cultural and political revolution against the country's ruling incumbency, not in accordance with the existing rules of regime change, yet still without radical change of the regime. This is known to many, including generals and rabbis, but they are afraid to tell the truth.

There is a severe and barbarous suppression of opinions, and he who dares to speak the truth earns tremendous pressure exerted on him until he retracts and disavows. This is a military putsch being conducted in a way that is immoral and illegal. The word putsch comes from German. It means pushing, or striking.

There is the judicial putsch of the High Court of Justice, there is a media putsch. There is a gender putsch of the heterophobes. There is an academic putsch of Israeli lecturers who support boycotting Israel and Israeli academia. There is a nationalist putsch of Arab MKs. There is a political putsch of Breaking the Silence and left-wing organizations with foreign funding. And now there's a military putsch.

After all, there was an attempt to integrate girls into combat units, and it was proven that this causes operational damage to the units, as well as serious bodily harm to female soldiers. For example, the State Comptroller reported that in a certain unit, male soldiers' fracture rate was approximately 2% and that of female soldiers approximately 21%. Moreover, the loss of ability to give birth was very significant. But all this is silenced.

Unfortunately, the Leftist cult now implements a military putsch against the state's citizens, institutions, security forces, and elected officials.

If the integration of girls was a professionally sanctioned military affair, the rabbis and also we would remain silent, because not everyone is an expert in military affairs, unless there is a rabbi who is also a senior commander.

But integrating girls is a political matter, an initiative to force also into the army a worldview contradicted by research in Israel and abroad, including from our own army, and in matters of military coups as we clearly see, rabbis and all the rest of us do understand, and therefore we speak out.

Needed is the demand of public representatives and elected officials, human rights organizations, and pre-military preparatory programs for girls and boys, journalists and researchers, to force the IDF to expose the percentage of women affected by irreversible injuries compared to male soldiers in combat roles.

When the truth is published, we must let loose with a classic feminist social cry that will compel the establishment of a state commission of inquiry.

For the young women who were enticed and coaxed into joining combat units, there are 4th-level walking fractures, uterine prolapse, infections, and disc herniation. Combat service destroys their femininity, their bodies, and their souls. They are lowering the training difficulty for girls to a non-operational level and they still suffer 12 percent injuries; for the men, zero. These are girls who were once exceptional sportswomen; today they are wounded.

Men and women are not equal in the army, as they are unequal in competitive, professional, and amateur sport, as is proven in all sports and all armies in the ancient and modern world.

The IDF Institute for the Study of Physiology conducted research and its findings are classified.

Women continue to be permanently injured during military service and training.

It is time for the truth to be revealed. We must say clearly: There is a cult of destroyers of the people and the state, utilizing every possible way, including the cruel and vicious spectacle of the outstanding soldier Elor Azaria.

The kangaroo court and exhibition trial held against Elor Azaria and his family are a betrayal of state security and IDF soldiers throughout the generations. The Leftist cult weakens the army and harms men, women, and state security. This is a real existential danger.

It is time to stop the political military underground and its satellites in the media and the leftist organizations. We love the army and therefore we must protest and tell the truth. It is impossible to maintain silence.

Usually, one should speak softly, but when there is danger to life, one must speak unyieldingly. We are surrounded by 350 million Arabs.

It is forbidden to weaken the army in a putsch attempt that betrays values ​​and morality and the Jewish people. That's why we have to scream.

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