Lebanese officials oppose Hezbollah

Five former Lebanese presidents and prime ministers publicly oppose Iran's involvement in Lebanon via Hezbollah.

Shimon Cohen ,

Hezbollah in Lebanon
Hezbollah in Lebanon
Oliver Pitusi, Flash 90

Five former Lebanese presidents and prime ministers sent a letter to the Arab Summit in which they expressed their disapproval of Hezbollah's actions in southern Lebanon, and Iran's involvement in their country.

The five former Lebanese leaders are Amine Pierre Gemayel, Michel Suleiman, Najib Mikati, Fouad Siniora, and Tammam Salam.

In their letter, the leaders also demanded support for their demand Israel "give back" lands bordering southern Lebanon which they consider to be Lebanese territory.

According to MEMRI, the letter said, "In order to prevent negative effects from regional crises, Lebanon must safeguard its top interests, which are national unity and the safety of its citizens. This excludes everything related to Lebanon's international interests, the Arab consensus, and the justified Palestinian interests, including their right to return to their land and their homes, without Lebanon being forced to host them. In addition, Lebanon will not involve itself in the Syrian conflict and condemns foreign involvement in Lebanon's internal affairs and those of other Arab countries.

"Arabs must show solidarity with Lebanon regarding the attempts to end Israeli occupation of Lebanese lands and the owning of illegal weapons by Hezbollah. The Lebanese army must have sole and complete power over all Lebanese lands, as required by Lebanese sovereignty and lawfulness."

The current Lebanese government includes Hezbollah ministers and Lebanon's ruler has said that Hezbollah is part and parcel of the Lebanese Army. According to MEMRI, the Lebanon leaders' letter aroused the ire of both Hezbollah and its supporters.