Dry Bones in Israeli politics

An interview with iconic Dry Bones cartoonist Yaakov Kirschen.

Jay Shapiro,

Yaakov Kirschen
Yaakov Kirschen
Yoni Kempinski

The political cartoon Dry Bones and its creator, Yaakov Kirschen, talks with Jay Shapiro about political comics, about his work over the years.

Kitschen also talks about Dry Bones, that has appeared for almost 40 years in newspapers around the world, in The Jerusalem Post and on a successful internet blog.

The name of the cartoon is based on the prophet Ezekiel’s vision of dry bones coming to life. The vision’s meaning is multi-layered in Judaism.

Kirschen said that as non-religious Jew he recognizes that Ezekiel’s vision is difficult to understand from a secular point of view, “so what I’m doing in Dry Bones is simply filling in the pieces that Ezekiel didn’t have time to tell us".

He said that unlike other cartoonists, “My goal in Dry Bones is to make people laugh", said Kirschen. “When the news is so horrendous that I can’t get a laugh out of it, then I figured I’ve failed."

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