Dan Shapiro congratulates David Friedman on ambassadorship

President Obama's Ambassador to Israel congratulates David Friedman following swearing-in ceremony: 'He now has best job in the world.'

David Rosenberg ,

VP Pence hosts swearing in Amb. David Friedman
VP Pence hosts swearing in Amb. David Friedman

Former US Ambassador to Israel, Daniel Shapiro, congratulated his successor, David Friedman, on Thursday, after Vice President Mike Pence swore Friedman into office on Wednesday.

Shapiro, who served from August 2011 until President Trump’s inauguration in January, was appointed by President Obama and sworn in by Trump’s 2016 election opponent, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

While Shapiro served as Ambassador to Israel during one of the roughest periods in US-Israel relations in recent years, he nevertheless described the position as “the best job in the world.”

“Congratulations to David Friedman on being sworn in as US Ambassador to Israel,” Shapiro tweeted on Thursday. “He now has the best job in the world, & I wish him success.”

Shapiro has decided to remain in Israel, originally so his daughters could complete the school year. Later, he said that the family would remain in the country so that they could "experience life in Israel as a normal family." He will be part of a think tank located in Tel Aviv.