'No quarrel because of Regulation Law'

Attorney General speaks this evening in Elkana, addresses regulation, Regulation Law, cultural budgets, other issues.

Mordechai Sones ,

Mandelblit in Elkana this evening
Mandelblit in Elkana this evening
Yoni Kempinski

Attorney General Dr. Avihai Mandelblit spoke on Tuesday evening at an event of the Ariel Committee and the Samaria communities of the Israel Bar Association at Orot Israel College in Elkana.

Mandelblit referred to the tension between himself as Attorney General and ministerial policy, and gave an example of a way by which the gaps could be bridged.

"The Ministry of Culture and Sport was interested in revoking the budget of bodies that do not agree to enter Judea and Samaria, and the result was that the Minister actually is closing them down. I think that was exaggerated," Mandelblit said.

"We met and concluded that there should be positive incentives. I am in a dialogue with the Minister. I could have said no and that's it, but I decided to find a way to work together, and the way we chose to help is the better way," the Attorney General explained.

Mandelblit stressed that he does not deal with the political aspects of the issues before them, "I do not care about politics, I am lacking a position on this matter. I intend to assist the government in the settlement issue, because this is the government's policy."

Mandelblit also referred to the issue of regulation, and to the confrontation between him and the government on the issue of the Regulation Law: "There are quite a few proposals that can improve the situation within the law, within the framework of the law, and as long as this happens, I'm with the government. My opinion on the Regulation Law is known, but that does not mean that now I'm in a quarrel with the government ... In my opinion, this law blocks other things that benefit settlement. The Regulation Law does not achieve those things."

Mandelblit referred to the proposed legislation against anti-Israel organizations, noting that it is not a simple step: "Anyone who goes with the aim of bringing soldiers or statesmen to trial abroad - against them it is possible to act and this I am willing to support."

Mandelblitt noted that the issue of defending the government's position is complex: "Sometimes it is not simple when every minister has a different opinion. I have to represent the government, not every minister for himself."

The Attorney General added, "There are solutions to many cases, especially when there is good faith on the part of the settlers. There are some practical ideas; the problem is when it comes as part of a narrative that no one accepts."