Concerns in Israel over new Hamas short-range rockets

Hamas has developed new short-range weapons which can threaten regions adjacent to Gaza.

Yoel Domb ,

Hamas rocket launchers
Hamas rocket launchers

Hamas has recently developed short-range rockets with a more significant amount of explosive power and also has tens of these rockets, according to a report Tuesday morning on Army Radio.

According to the report, the rockets contain a larger amount of explosive material which could threaten the entire region around Gaza in the event of a confrontation developing in the region.

According to security sources, the rocket upgrades Hamas's capabilities to those of the other terror group threatening Israel from the north, Hezbollah. Moreover the same sources estimated that the rockets could cause much greater damage than other weapons used by Hamas until now.

Hamas have been trying since the end of the Protective Edge operation to develop advanced short range weapons to threaten the border area as much as possible. The security establishment believes that they prefer to hit the areas adjacent to Gaza rather than sending rockets to further distances which cannot be accurately directed to targets.

Yair Ferjon, the head of the Ashkelon coast regional council, said to Army Radio that "we are preparing for every eventuality and if we have to evacuate, we will evacuate. Civilians do not need to be on the front.

"That's how it was in 1948 and thats how it was in the Yom Kippur War. If there is a war and a threat to civilians, they don't have to be in the danger zone," added Ferjon.