Trump supporters attacked in southern California

Fight breaks out at pro-Trump march in southern California after anti-Trump protesters use pepper spray on marchers.

Gary Willig,

Left-wing agitators attack Trump supporters in California
Left-wing agitators attack Trump supporters in California

A march in support of US President Donald Trump at a southern California beach turned violent Saturday when clashes broke out between a group of 30 anti-Trump protesters and some of the 2,000 Trump supporters who took part in the march.

Four people were arrested following the scuffle a tHuntington Beach, during which anti-Trump protesters used pepper-spray on pro-Trump marchers.

Jennifer Sterling, one of the organizers of the march, was among the people who was struck by pepper spray in her eyes.

According to the Los Angeles Times, an anti-Trump protester was punched and kicked by Trump supporters after he attacked them with pepper spray. One man admitted to hitting an anti-Trump protester who he said had attacked his wife with pepper spray.

Three people were arrested for illegal use of pepper spray, while a fourth person was arrested for assault and battery.

This was not the first time Trump supporters have been attacked in southern California, which has an overwhelmingly liberal constituency . A pro-Trump rally in UC Berkeley also turned violent earlier this month with a elderly man claiming that anti-Trump protesters had sprayed pepper spray in his eyes.

Approximately 40 other pro-Trump rallies took place across the US Saturday, he vast majority of which were nonviolent.