Canada protestor tears Quran to protest preferential treatment

Protesters say 'no room for religion in our schools,' blame government for making decisions based on 'Saudi dollars.'

Dalit Halevi,

The meeting disturbed by protesters
The meeting disturbed by protesters

The fight for Canada to remain a country which distinguishes between church and state escalates as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gives what some see as preferential treatment to the Muslim community and passes laws in Parliament to stop Islamophobia, without mentioning other religions.

A regular board meeting in the Peel region northwest of Toronto was disturbed by by rioters protesting the board's decision to be more tolerant of religion in public schools, and to allow Friday prayers for Muslim students in those schools.

"You are making Islam dominant in this country," the protesters said. "That's what you're doing. We support Canadian values, not beheading people, female genital mutilation, or the marriage of minors, which are all things the Quran says to do.

"We don't want religion in our schools. The Saudi dollars in your pocket are what is making your decisions for you. Mohammed was a pedophile, a warmonger, and a rapist.

"There is no room for religion in our schools. Go to Pakistan! We will end up a Sharia country. The Quran is a book of hate. Islam will murder you! Islam will rape you! We are for the freedom of expression."

One of the protesters tore a Quran and threw its page on the floor. This copy seems to be one printed by Sahih International, which Muslim organizations handed out for free in the streets of Toronto.

The protesters disturbed the meeting while the national anthem was being sung.

Peel board directors condemned the protesters' criticism of Islam and said the board is obligated to tolerate all religions. Ontario's Minister of Education published a letter supporting the Peel board and emphasizing his commitment to fight Islamophobia.