IDF reservist dies following military run

Reserve officer Elhanan Brezner collapses and dies, the latest soldier to die following strenuous training activity.

Arutz Sheva Staff, | updated: 23:10

 Elhanan Brezner
Elhanan Brezner
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IDF reserve officer Elhanan Brezner, 36, died Tuesday after he collapsed following a military run in the Jordan Valley.

Roni Numa, the Head of Central Command, appointed a commission to investigate the incident. The military police likewise launched their own investigation into the death.

Brezner is survived by a wife and two children. His funeral will be held on Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. in the Haifa military cemetery.

Elhanan Brezner. Courtesy of the IDF Spokesperson

The tragic incident joins a number of previous cases of deaths which occurred following strenuous activity in the IDF in recent years.

Approximately one year ago, Yehuda Suissa, a 19-year-old recruit to the Givati Brigade, collapsed and died during an intense training session just one day following his enlistment into the IDF.

Half a year earlier, a 44-year-old reservist collapsed and died during a training session at the Adam military facility.