Lebanese journalist blasted for call to eliminate Nasrallah

Lebanese journalist who urged Israel to eliminate Hezbollah leader facing lawsuits.

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Ben Ariel,

Hassan Nasrallah
Hassan Nasrallah

A Lebanese journalist who urged Israel to eliminate Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah is facing lawsuits over her call, i24news reported Monday.

Maria Maalouf, known for criticism of Hezbollah, tweeted on Saturday: "If Israel really wants peace, then it should go ahead and prove it by signing an agreement with Hezbollah. To this day, we have yet to rid ourselves of Hassan Nasrallah, who had led us awry in his war against it."

She later added, "If Israel is the enemy of Hassan Nasrallah, why have they not carried out an airstrike to rid us of him and protect itself?"

Maalouf's tweets sparked anger among many supporters of Hezbollah's leader, and prompted a number of them to file lawsuits against her, asking for her to be prosecuted for "incitement to murder and assassination with the help of an entity hostile to the Lebanese Republic", according to i24news.

Maalouf's tweets came the same day that Nasrallah accused Israel of intervening in the Syrian civil war on a daily basis, and claimed that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu "fears the collapse" of the Islamic State group in Syria.

Hezbollah is heavily involved in the civil war in Syria, and has lost thousands of fighters who are fighting alongside President Bashar Al-Assad’s troops.

That has not stopped Nasrallah from continuing to threaten Israel. The Hezbollah leader recently said the group's rockets had the ability to strike the nuclear reactor at Dimona and its military infrastructure, as well as the Haifa ammonia tank.

He later suggested that Israel “count to one million” before waging a new war on Lebanon.

Nasrallah has been in hiding since the 2006 Second Lebanon War, though he denied last year that he has been hiding in an underground bunker for a decade, claiming he only chooses to “stay away from the spotlight”.